House Rules

When you enter Technoon, you commit to respecting the following rules:

  • 21+
  • No pictures or filming
  • No drugs
  • No own drinks
  • No liquids of any kind
  • No weapons
  • Smoking inside is not allowed, please smoke in our outside smoking area
  • Be yourself
  • Respect others and yourself
  • Respect the venue
  • No discrimination of any kind
  • No physical or moral harassment
  • No physical or moral violence

Technoon reserves the right to decide who is allowed to enter and to deny entry to or remove any person unable to respect the rules and values of Technoon. When entering the venue, you commit to respecting the rules listed above. You submit to this contract and accept it in its entirety. Based on this, we believe you share the values of Technoon and you are aware that you participate in a unique experience.

We encourage anyone who witnesses a violation of the rules to contact a Technoon staff member. In case of danger or when a situation threatens to get out of control, we encourage anyone to ask a Technoon staff member for help. They will do their best possible to bring you to safety or to provide help. Technoon reserves the right to contact the authorities.

Technoon cannot be held accountable for damage, loss or theft nor for any other accident. Visitors are entirely at their own risk at the location where Technoon takes place.

Please don't use mobile phones on the dance floor. Our dance floor is a place to enjoy the music.

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