Previous editions

Date Guest Location
22nd December 2019 Residents night Studio CityGate
11th November 2019 Sandrien is burning/ NL Studio CityGate
23rd June 2019 Peter Van Hoesen & Atom™ present SYNC. + A. Brehme and J-Noon Studio CityGate
17th March 2019 ANTENES L.I.E.S. / Bunker NY Studio CityGate
20th January 2019 natural/electronic.system. Tikita Records, Italy Studio CityGate
16th December 2018 Wata Igarashi Midgar Records, Japan Studio CityGate
28th January 2018 Kangding Ray Stroboscopic Artefacts, Raster-Noton, DE The Lodge
3rd December 2017 Wata Igarashi Midgar Records, Japan The Lodge
15th October 2017 DJ Nobu Bitta / Future Terror, Japan The Lodge
30th April 2017 Eric Cloutier Palinoia / The Bunker NY The Lodge
12th March 2017 Samuli Kemppi Deep Space Helsinki / FI The Lodge
29th January 2017 Neel Spazio Disponibile, Voices From The Lake / IT The Lodge
16th October 2016 Donato Dozzy Spazio Disponibile / IT The Lodge
17th April 2016 Eric Cloutier The Bunker NY, Mosaic / US The Lodge
6th March 2016 Konrad TRP, Ghent The Lodge
24th January 2016 Nuel Further Records, Aquaplano / IT The Lodge
13th December 2015 Nathan Øye Echoes_ / BE The Lodge
11th October 2015 Sandrien Trouw, Imprint, Amsterdam The Lodge
3rd May 2015 John Osborn TANSTAAFL, Grounded Theory, Sub:stance, Berlin KultuurKaffee
29th March 2015 Neel Voices from the Lake, Spectrum Spools, IT KultuurKaffee
8th February 2015 Nathan Øye Brüxsel Jardin, Fuse, Brussels KultuurKaffee
14th December 2014 Eric Cloutier Tanstaafl Records, The Bunker NY, US Salle Rogier
12th October 2014 Marie-Julie TRP, Ghent Salle Rogier
30th March 2014 Dasha Rush Fullpanda, Berlin Salle Rogier
16th February 2014 Steve Cop Sonic Solution, Fuse Replay, Belgium Salle Rogier
15th December 2013 Kr!z Token Records, Belgium Salle Rogier
20th October 2013 Sigha Our Circula Sound / Blueprint, London Mr Wong
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